Ideas for the World
from a World of Ideas


 COSMOS Corporation
  provides applied research,
  technological support, and
  management assistance
  aimed at improving public
  policy, private enterprise,
 and collaborative ventures.

COSMOS Corporation, celebrating its 31st year in 2011, provides applied research and evaluation, technical support, and management assistance aimed at improving public policy, private enterprise, and collaborative ventures. COSMOS serves clients by:

– Tailoring work to clients’ unique needs;
– Producing creative designs and solutions to policy problems;
– Implementing multilevel projects efficiently; and
– Using state-of-the-art methods.

COSMOS’s work adheres to the highest standards of quality and peer review. The firm has successfully completed hundreds of projects for a broad range of clients, including government agencies, major national foundations, national associations, nonprofit organizations, academic institutions, and leading private businesses. In serving its clients, COSMOS’s objective is to provide quality work and to assure that the work meets clients’ needs. Ongoing feedback has demonstrated COSMOS’s success in achieving this objective.

All projects are customized to meet clients’ needs and create the best technical solutions to difficult analytic problems. Project sizes vary from small to multi-million-dollar efforts and last from a few months to several years. In innumerable instances, COSMOS has carried out a sequence of projects for the same client over a multiple-year period, reflecting both client satisfaction and the development of useful findings based on rigorous methods. The firm’s strong research orientation and accomplishments also are reflected by its success in competing for research grants from the nation’s leading R&D agencies and private foundations, as well as for contracts and consulting assignments.

COSMOS stands poised to continue providing excellent services into the future. The firm’s goal is to produce “ideas for the world” from a “world of ideas.” Its technical expertise stems from a diverse professional staff, representing multiple cultures and social science disciplines. In addition to its technical expertise, the firm has maintained strong finances and efficient management, marked by three indicators: the existence of the firm’s line of credit at the prime rate, not undersigned by any individual; the maintenance of stable burden rates in the face of corporate growth as well as rising costs; and the rapid and successful completion of multiple annual audits by federal pre-award, cognizant, and close-out auditors.

Corporate Headquarters
3 Bethesda Metro Center, Suite 700
Bethesda, MD  20814
Phone:  301-215-9100